Rudraksha Mala

Different Types of Rudraksha Mala

Hanuman Kawach

Hanuman Kawach gives protection and an invincible aura to the wearer.

Surya Power

Surya power gives limitless administrative capacity and winner energy .

Unity Bandh

Unity Bandh useful for harmonious and stable relationship.

Sammohan Vardhak

Sammohan Vardhak wearer enjoys all goodness of life.

Agya Chakra

Agya Chakra bead aweken the sixth sense.

Kalsarp Dosh Nivarak

Kalsarp Dosh Nivarak good for over coming fear and to fight stress.

Saraswati Bandh

Saraswati Bandh good for students to improve memory and concentration.

Water Therapy

Water Therapy helps in relieving stress and controlling blood pressure.

Dosh Nivaran

Dosh Nivaran effects of evil spirits, doshas, jealousy of people.

Ganesh Laxmi Bandh

Ganesh Laxmi Bandh gives wealth and to remove obstacles.

Swasthya Bandh

Swasthya bandh gives relief from stress/ anxiety and complexes.

Durga Shakti

Durga Shakti gives self confidence, removal of fear and for good health.

Dhyan Yog Mala

Dhyan Yog Mala good for dhyan, samadhi, meditation and opening up of chakras.

Shiv Mala

Shiv Mala brings divine feeling of renunciation and detachment.

Narayan Kavach

Narayan Kavach protect from jealousy factor and black magic.

Shanti Kantha

Shanti Kantha powerful for enhancement and prosperity for people who are land, property businesses.

Gauri Shankar Kantha

Gauri Shankar Kantha gives energy.

Siddha Mala

Siddha Mala beads are most effectively for mantra siddhi and power.

Indra mala

Indra Mala . indra mala gives blessings of God.

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